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2012 AAUW NC Public Policy Issues

The list below gives the name of the branch that has agreed to monitor a particular issue and to pass along public policy alert information to those who want the information from AAUW NC. If an issue has no branch assigned (or is assigned to AAUW NC), AAUW members are welcome to volunteer to adopt the issue. Write to if you want more information. You can also review the assumptions about this project at the paper that has been posted in our member center.

Educational Opportunities I
I-1 Elementary and Secondary Education Act Charlotte
I-2 Oppostion to Vouchers Brevard
I-3 Opposition to Tax Credit for Nonpublic Schools Brevard
I-4 Strengthen/Enforce Title IX Salisbury
I-5 Higher Ed Undocumented Workers
I-6 Public School Funding K-12 Brevard
I-6 Public School Funding K-12 Post Secondary Twin Rivers/New Bern
Promote Economic Security II
II-1 Equal Pay Wilmington Wilmington
II-2 Protect SS for women Greensboro
II-3 Home/Community Care Block Grants Gaston Regional
II-4 Low Income Child Care Greensboro
II-5 Family Leave Act
II-6 NC Refundable EI Tax Credit
II-7 Funding housing trust fund
Promote and Defend Civil Rights III
III-1 LGBTQ Rights Asheville
III-2 Right to Abortion Asheville
III-3 Violence Against Women Act Winston-Salem
III-4 ERA Tar Heel
III-5 Funding Domestic Assault Victims
III-6 NC human trafficking commission
III-8 Const Amendment in NC to Define Marriage  AAUW NC
III-9 Protection from Bullying Statesville
Access to Health Care IV
IV-1 Medicare/Medicaid for Women Greensboro
IV-2 Safe Reproductive Health Care Greensboro
IV-3 Choice in Reproduction Greensboro
IV-4 Planned parenthood funding Charlotte
IV-5 Midwives
Civic Participation and Equality V
V-1 Clean Funding Sources Chapel Hill
V-2 Money Flow Public Campaigns Chapel Hill
V-3 Voter Turnoout/Oppose Voter ID Wilmington