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Since 2006-2007, the AAUW NC leadership structure has had six major areas Advocacy, Events, Fundraising, Communication, Membership/Leadership Development, and Administration. These groups are supported by a Diversity task force that takes a broad view of including a variety of constituencies.

These groups are chaired by members of the board and have participation by board members and those who do not choose to be on the board. The board members have additional responsibilities to the organization as a whole, and their appointments need to be approved by the executive committee. The off-board volunteers may have more specific, time-limited responsibilities, and can be welcomed into the group by the other members — just be sure that if there is a mailing list or other “list of group members” so that everyone involved gets included and recognized.

The board as a whole will be responsible for setting priorities for recruiting for jobs like the following, and may look at whether we can use interns or even paid positions to accomplish these tasks.

As with many things in life, you get out of AAUW what you put into it. If you’ve got a specific skill you’d like to share, one you’d like to develop, or if you just want to be “closer to the conversation” to learn more about how AAUW advances equity for women and girls, please consider volunteering to be a member of the AAUW NC leadership team.

If you see a role you’d like to fill, please contact Nancy.

Specific positions

[Since the initial posting, some have volunteered for some of these jobs — but if you see something you want to do, I am sure we can work it out with job-sharing or some other arrangement.]

Public relations [Communications]
There’s lots happening at AAUW, and we need help to ensure this gets out to the NC media.
Graphic designer [Communications]
AAUW NC has occasional need for graphic design for brochures, meeting logos, etc. In particular we’re looking for new designs that we can use on “merchandise” (e.g. T-shirts, coffee mugs). We can’t afford to pay you, but we’d certainly give you public credit and sing your praises!
International affairs champion [Advocacy]
The way AAUW looks at international affairs is apt to undergo a great deal of change. We need someone to track those changes and help the branches work on programming/projects that bring the viewpoints of the women of the world.
Official Photographers [Communications]
Have you ever tried to take pictures at your own party? You know it’s hard. We’re looking for a few people willing to take snapshots at meetings and other events so we can give the folks who can’t attend the flavor of the meetings and let them put faces with the names. Significant others who tag along to meetings are welcome to help here! Again, we’ll give you public credit!
Booth Babes [Membership/Leadership Development]
We’ll be looking for venues to display AAUW information across the state – to help the branches with the problem that “no one has ever heard of us”… But that will mean having a few folks with an AAUW stash ready to go and set up with what might be short notice. If you’ve pulled a display together for your branch, consider joining this group to support the state efforts.
Liaisons to other organizations [Advocacy]
We maintain membership in a few public policy oriented coalitions and can always use more people to maintain connections to those and summarize the key issues for the large majority of members who don’t keep close tabs on these important ideas. If you’re a leader in another organization allied with AAUW’s goals, also consider reporting back to us about their good ideas!
Database administrator [Administration]
We in NC maintain a directory of branch/state officers that we publish on the web a few times a year (in the members’ section). This is populated with information from the Association (no we don’t retype all that!), but there are ongoing updates during the year.
Mailing list maven [Communications]
Keep up with the subscription lists as people’s e-mail addresses change. The lists are administered through a web-based tool. Training is provided – learn a new skill that you might apply to other organizations.
Ombudsman [Administration]
Do you have a good understanding of “who does what” and a desire to help folks get answers to their AAUW questions? We’re looking for one or two people to field questions from the branches and help resolve problems they may face.
Legislative reporter [Advocacy]
What’s happening in the NC Legislature that affects AAUW issues, education in particular? Do you have insights that you can share with the group? Would you like to work on an NC update?

Other options – bring your ideas

This group is “matrixed” to the other groups as the interests of the team members dictate. But it also serves as its own support group to ensure that AAUW NC reaches as broad a population of prospects and coalition partners as possible.
Educating our members and the public about AAUW issues is one of our most important functions. We know there are many members who “do” public policy. If you’re one of them, consider joining this group to support its work in ways that fit for you.
Our annual convention has grown to be an important showcase for new ideas and opportunities for fellowship. We also host two or three smaller meetings each year. If you’d like to help with logistics or meeting planning, sign up for this group.
Getting our message to our members and the public is key to everything else that we do. Do you enjoy writing about AAUW? Do you have other skills that you’d like to share or to develop? Join this group and increase AAUW’s visibility in NC.
Membership/Leadership Development
Do you enjoy meeting new people? Does your AAUW “elevator speech” grab your acquaintances and make them understand what we do? Do you have coaching/mentoring skills that you can share with others? Have you got contacts with institutions or organizations who might be logical partners for AAUW? Help out here!
Ah, a job that’s never done! As women’s time becomes ever more precious, and as their financial resources grow, are there ways we can convert time to money or money to time? New ideas are percolating here, and you’re welcome to join the group and share yours!
There’s always “stuff” that needs to get done – herding the cats, if you will. Keeping the records for the history and writing up courtesy resolutions fall into this category. If you’re detail oriented and appreciate the importance of keeping the “office” running smoothly, please volunteer here!