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$tart $mart Workshops in NC


$tart $mart workshops teach junior and senior college women how to benchmark the salary of the job they want when they graduate and learn basic salary negotiation skills. This 2 ½ hour, nuts-and-bolts workshop has been designed and piloted by WAGE on more than 60 campuses throughout America, and it’s time to bring it to NC.

This is an exciting opportunity to get in on a grassroots effort geared toward closing the wage gap. You may also want to read about their other projects: WAGE Clubs,

Given AAUW’s strong emphasis on Pay Equity, in March 2009, AAUW and the WAGE Project formed a partnership to promote these workshops. AAUW has now implemented it as a “program in a box” with many tips and resources.


Facilitators to conduct the workshops
Staff of an academic institution or professionals from the community who will be trained to offer the $tart $mart Campus Workshop on campus. WAGE staff will train the trainer and continue to work with the designated person to develop appropriate, timely materials and evaluate the impact of the workshop after it is offered.

Connectors to spread the word
May come from collaborating organizations or may be individuals passionate about elimination of the wage gap.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Solicit campuses and get signed commitment forms from schools
  • Make all arrangements with campuses including contact person, dates, locations, securing information needed for scripts
  • Arrange for a trainer approved by the WAGE project and acceptable to the campus (may be a campus staff member)
  • Review evaluations
  • Act as contact between the school and WAGE

When recruiting campuses, facilitators need to be aware that the school will be charged a nominal fee.

All facilitators and connectors

  • Attend a 3 hour training session to become familiar with the $tart $mart workshop and the supporting materials and processes (cost is $50/person)
  • Work with WAGE and other campus contacts to develop a workbook model and role play script that is customized for each campus.

How to sign up?

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