AAUW NC Officers and Key Contacts: 2013-2014

President Mary Peterson, (252) 636-5074, mapeterson2@yahoo.com
Finance/Treasurer Denny McGuire, (919) 562-0860, jmcguire11@nc.rr.com
Branch Advocate
Sandra McLaurin, (910) 392-0395, scmclaurin@ec.rr.com
VP/Communications Karla Atkinson, (828) 884-7648, bardofb@comporium.net
Bylaws Committee Chair Lill Van Order, (910) 313-1573, lillvo@earthlink.net
Public Policy Team Mary Peterson, Karla Atkinson, Judy Balsanek, Suzanne Rolland, Mari Pino del Rosario, Maggie Parish.
Webmaster Nancy Shoemaker, (919) 662-0538, shoemaker@acm.org
AAUW Board Members David Kirkwood (MN), Patricia Ho (MA), and Kathryn Braeman (DC) are members of the Tar Heel branch.

Members can find branch/state officers, and officers can find counterpart information at the www.aauw.org “Member Services Database”.

For additional contact resources, see www.aauwnc.org/contacts/

If you’re not sure of the right person to contact, you may write info@aauwnc.org or call (866) 525-2155 and your message will be forwarded.