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2009 Web Scavenger Hunt

AAUW North Carolina is sponsoring a website scavenger hunt to encourage members to improve their ability to retrieve information from and

Individuals and branch teams may submit entries.Teams may have any number of participants, and branches may have more than one team entry. No individual may participate in more than one team, and a team member may not submit an individual entry.

The deadline for entries is noon on March 4, 2009.

All correct entries will be entered into one of two drawings for a $60 voucher for 2009-2010 AAUW dues (covering national and NC charges). One voucher will be awarded to an individual and one to a team.

Winners of the vouchers will be asked to “show their work” – answers found through means other than the websites will not count. It is suggested that participants keep printouts of the pages where they found the answers so they can respond to this request if they win. Note that some answers may be in the “members-only” section of either or

All participants will be recognized at the AAUW NC convention on March 27.

Brush up on your knowledge of the AAUW and AAUW NC Web sites, form your teams, and schedule a “scavenger hunt day” to meet and help each other answer the questions on the quiz or compete with the other teams in your branch. You can also divvy up the questions using the printable version of the questions, but please coordinate so that just one person submits the entry.

Get more from your membership by becoming familiar with all the resources available to you!