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Election results

Results of the elections:

For President: Ruth Sweetser
For Director-at-large: Krys Wulff, Betty Bayless, Diana Campo, Ronnie Nivala, Terri Griffiths
For Southwest Central Regional Director: Shirley Breeze

2 thoughts on “Election results”

  1. I’m very pleased with the Board election results.
    Also please give Congratulations to Shirley Breeze as being a new RD.
    Beth will need a hug from friends.

    I think the membership vote makes sense.

    Keep up the good work. Mary Peterson

  2. Lots of hugs for Beth. She has been a mentor since my very first South Atlantic Regional Conference when the Jacksonville Branch hosted the Hospitality Suite at the SAR Convention in Asheville in 1998. Sandra Champion was our state president then and Beth was the SAR Director.

    Speaking of SAR Directors, Leslie Henderson from Florida is our new SAR Director – she ran uncontested for the position. Our outgoing (current) director, Ann Terry, won the elction for Executive Vice President/Secretary for Association.
    Joanne Hill

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