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Member records: Great news!

Those of you who don’t know me may find this reaction odd (particularly in light of the change in the degree requirement), but for me the highlight of the Convention was seeing the new web interface to the membership database. This appears to be fairly well developed and should be released by the end of the year. What this means is

1) You will be able to update your record through the web
2) Authorized branch officers will be able to update others’ member records through the web
3) Authorized officers will be able to download info through the web

To be selfish about this, it will save me the 40 or so hours or so I’ve put into compiling the NC branch/state officers directory each year. This is exactly the kind of change that those who signed onto the IT 2001 campaign were looking for. Many thanks to the Association staff (Taimoor, Fong, Christy and all those whose names I don’t know) for making this happen!