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So what’s a blog?

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There’s been a lot of “buzz” about blogging (i.e. writing web logs) in the last year or so – but they’ve been around for longer than that. They have some of the features of websites, mailing lists and discussion boards and it’s hard to describe just where they fit. Perhaps the best way to learn what they are is to visit a few – see the list put together for NCCWCSL earlier this month. [Thanks to Rebecca, AAUW web master, for the pointer!]

If you want to get started, Googling “blogging 101” turns up thousands of references. Or, particularly if you want to write about the June 24-27 convention, feel free to join in this discussion. Go down to the bottom of the right hand column on this page and you’ll find a “register” button. That’ll be a simple process that will send you a password in e-mail. Then if you login and make a comment here, I’ll approve that first comment (later ones will go through immediately) and set you up so you can start your own “threads”