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How to keep up with all this information?

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If you find the information posted here helpful, you might want to check back periodically – but find that, with everything else that’s going on in your life, you just don’t get around to it. [Do bars still hand out coasters marked “tuit” so that we’ll all have at least one?]

My new mission is to help folks make checking on sites like this one much easier. What you need is to use a “news reader” – and there are an enormous number of choices out there. Perhaps the simplest is to sign up for (particularly if you’re already a Yahoo! member) or (if you’re not committed to Yahoo!). In a few minutes you’ll find that you can create your own “personal newspaper” with headlines from any number of web sites (from the NY Times to Dilbert to to this blog). The idea, then, is that you can just check that “newspaper,” quickly scan the titles of newly posted articles, and check for more details on the ones that seem most important.

Do check it out – or at least watch for an announcement of a meeting where this technology will be demonstrated. The title of an appropriate talk may refer to RSS, Syndication, Aggregators, News Feeds. [It may also refer to XML, but try to find the abstract since XML is an enormously large topic with some *really* technical implications.] I really believe that in a few months this will be as important to you as your web browser and e-mail (particularly for those of us who might not be as nimble in absorbing multiple channels of information as those who grew up in the “electrontic age”).

If you have seen web discussions of this that might be helpful in introducing the topic to others, please do post a comment!

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  1. Would you like to get new postings here in e-mail?

    Checkout for a free site that is supposed to take an RSS feed (see the links “Entries RSS” and “Comments RSS” over on the right), and send the new items to you in e-mail as they are posted.

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