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When Politics Defeats Science

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On March 1 an article titled “When Politics Defeats Science” written by Susan F. Wood was printed in the Washington Post newspaper. Ms Wood was an assistant commissioner of women’s health at the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for five years. She recently resigned and is traveling around the US meeting with fellow health care professionals sharing her concern that our federal health agencies seem increasingly unable to operate independently and this is compromising their mission of promoting public health and welfare.


The article states that it has been nearly three years since the first application came in to take Plan B emergency contrception available over the counter, so that women seventeen and older, including rape victims, could have a second chance to prevent an unintended pregnancy and the need for an abortion. She asks, “When did adult access to contraception become controversial? Why have we allowed it to happen? and Does Congress need to step in and restore the FDA’s independence and its ability to make decisions based on evidence?”

The entire article appears on the Washington Post website.

Mary Peterson

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