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There’s a new membership brochure!

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Hi, folks. If you’re not on the Membership VP mailing list or if you’re having trouble making a branch meeting, you may have missed seeing the new membership brochure. Did you know you can order copies (up to 25) directly from the Association? See the supply order form at

Remember, too, that the Association is offering rewards to the individuals and branches who recruit the most members over the next few months. For the details of that program, see the Member-get-a-Member Campaign at

Have you considered giving a friend or relative the gift of an at-large (national) membership? The form to do that and ensure your gift is counted in the campaign is available as MGM application form at Once the person gets “hooked” with the wealth of information available from the Association, it may be easier to recruit them for branch membership. And if not, perhaps they’ll continue their Association membership: our individual/at-large members contribute to our strength! If their lives change and branch membership makes sense, they’ll already be engaged.
Larger quantities of the forms may be ordered at ShopAAUW.

1 thought on “There’s a new membership brochure!”

  1. I’d seen the new brochure, but hadn’t looked at it carefully. My order just arrived today — and let me say it’s fabulous!

    You can use the brochure for the Member-get-a-Member folks, too!

    Do order some!

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