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How to post to this system.

Board members and those who want to publicize branch events are encouraged to use this system.

First, create an account using the “Register” link under “Join the Discussion” in the right hand column. You should hear back withing 24 hours that your account has been set up to create posts. Once you login you’ll find a link to “write a post” with a screen that looks much like composing an e-mail message. Once you “publish” the post, your news will be on the web.
For more information and step-by-step instructions, see Posting information to the AAUW NC News system

Thanks, all!

1 thought on “How to post to this system.”

  1. Those instructions were written for an earlier version of this system, and an earlier version of the underlying software. The principles haven’t changed a great deal, but if you’ve got any questions please contact me.

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