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More about keeping up through RSS

On the Friday afternoon before last fall’s AAUW NC meeting, several of us met at the hotel and went over the ins and outs of RSS. I haven’t heard from too many of you that you’re really using RSS, so this is just an encouraging message to keep your antenna up and consider adding the “reading of RSS feeds” to the other information sources you’re watching.

In the last few weeks, IE 7 has entered “official release” status (though I’ll admit I’ve resisted installing it) and I’ve also become aware of the fabulous support that personalized Google Home Pages offer for reading news. If you’d like to see a demonstration of how to use these tools, let me know — we could set up a web conference or perhaps squeeze in another demo during the free (hah!) time at the Winston-Salem convention.

I’m hoping to put up a document with more complete info on using IE7 or Google Home Page, but, in the meantime, you can refer to the info I  posted earlier. I can also recommend a summary referenced in a talk I heard today: 10 Steps to RSStocracy.

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