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Congressional Voting Record…Check it Out

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Washington, Feb. 11, 2008 – The American Association of University Women today released its Congressional Voting Record for the 110th Congress, First Session, which provides AAUW members and the public with critical information about how their members of Congress voted on equity issues affecting women and girls in 2007. Go to and click on advocacy to find this piece of information.

“Voters deserve to know where their elected officials stand before they head to the polls in November,” said Lisa Maatz, AAUW director of public policy and government relations. “AAUW members across the country will use the voting record in their voter education and get-out-the-vote efforts this year, ensuring that people who care about women’s equity know exactly how their members of Congress voted on key issues.”

Priority issues reflected in the voting record are education, economic security, and civil rights. This year, AAUW is pleased that more than half the representatives and senators supported AAUW’s position on at least 80 percent of the votes that were scored.

The Congressional Voting Record scores the votes on several pieces of legislation that became law, including bills that provided for an increase in the minimum wage; the largest increase in student aid since the G.I. bill; and investment in science, technology, engineering, and math education. In addition, the publication scores legislation that reflects other AAUW priorities such as improving pay discrimination law, expanding hate crimes prevention, and protecting access to reproductive health care.

You can view/download the record and from

1 thought on “Congressional Voting Record…Check it Out”

  1. Read the report for details on the votes that went into these scores, but here’s the information on the NC delegation.

    The score is the per centage of votes where the member voted in the way recommended by AAUW.

    Senate (6 votes)
    Burr (R) 16%
    Dole (R) 33%

    House (6 votes)

    Butterfield (D-1) 100%
    Coble (R-6) 16%
    Etheridge (D-2) 100%
    Foxx (R-5) 0%
    Hayes (R-8) 50%
    Jones (R-3) 50%
    McHenry (R-10) 0%
    McIntyre (D-7) 66%
    Miller (D-13) 100%
    Myrick (R-9) 0%
    Price (D-4) 100%
    Shuler (D-11) 66%
    Watt (D-12) 100%

    Again, those numbers may not mean much out of context. Please do read the report to see which specific votes are included in the voting record.

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