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March/April AAUW Mission & Action – you should have received this directly from AAUW. If not, check it out on the web, then check your e-mail address in the national records.

Read the Late-April EdEqChange Briefing (April 24, 2008)
Issue #16 of the memo to AAUW member leaders shares highlights from Equal Pay Day 2008 and news from the pay equity press conference on Capitol Hill, and recognizes states and branches sponsoring students at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders.

AAUW Disappointed in Senate Pay Equity Vote
Under heavy pressure from women’s and other civil rights groups, the Senate Wednesday narrowly failed to pass a test vote on the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (H.R. 2831).

AAUW Shows the Face of Pay Equity on Capitol Hill
“I am the face of pay equity.” That is the message AAUW and its members have been sharing with policy-makers and the public. AAUW continues to share that message at the National Committee on Pay Equity press conference on Capitol Hill today.

Gender earnings gap data released
AAUW has released updated state-by-state wage gap data (2004-2006) showing the effect of a college degree on women’s earnings.

AAUW Shows the Face of Pay Equity on Equal Pay Day
AAUW will be sharing the simple message that “I am the face of pay equity” with policy-makers and the public all this month as we approach Equal Pay Day, Tuesday, April 22.

2008-2009 Fellowship and Grant Recipients Announced
Each year, winners of AAUW fellowships and grants are posted on April 15. Notification of award status including winner, alternate, and non-selected, will also be mailed to all applicants.
[Aside from American other fellows, there is a Community Action Grant winner in Asheville – watch for more information.]

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