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This is a distillation of news items from for the benefit of those AAUW NC members who want a “quick read” of news from the national organization. It is intended to supplement, not replace, the e-newsletters from AAUW, and is posted about the time of e-newsletters from AAUW NC so you can schedule time to review both and see how the national/state levels of AAUW are contributing to advancing the mission.

See for information on how to get this information as soon as it’s posted. It’s also reposted on the AAUW NC NEWS page at

New Material on Women’s Leadership
AAUW has updated their recommended leadership materials with new books and articles on women’s leadership.

AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund Plaintiff Settles Suit with Columbia
An AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund-supported plaintiff has settled her lawsuit against Columbia University for an undisclosed sum.

Read the latest issue of AAUW Outlook (Spring/Summer 2008)
This issue of the AAUW membership magazine focuses on the release of the Where the Girls Are research report and gets members ready for the 2008 presidential election.

Current Topics Briefing #5
AAUW and AAUW Educational Foundation Boards unanimously supported Breaking through Barriers as the unifying focus for AAUW. This action identifies a program focus for AAUW that embodies our legacy, personalizes our mission and illuminates our path into the future.

AAUW Urges President to Sign Emergency Supplemental Bill
AAUW urges President Bush to sign the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Bill (H.R. 2642), which includes an expansion of education benefits for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and an extension of unemployment insurance.

Fellowship and Grant Program Changes
Learn about approved changes to the AAUW Fellowships, Grants, and Awards program for 2009-2010.

Highlights from NCCWSL 2008
Did you miss this year’s student leadership conference in Washington, D.C.? Be sure to visit for highlights from the event including video welcome messages from several congressional leaders, video testimonials from scholarship recipients, downloadable workshop handouts, a photo gallery, and more.

AAUW Celebrates 36th Anniversary of Title IX
As the nation marks the 36th anniversary of Title IX, AAUW remains committed to strengthening the landmark legislation despite ongoing efforts aimed at weakening it.

Current Topics Briefing #4
Each of us understands what AAUW membership means to us personally, but there is also our shared understanding of the AAUW community and why we are involved.

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