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Watch for call for candidates for Association positions

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The Call for Candidates announcement, candidate vita forms, and position descriptions should be posted on the AAUW website this week. The recently approved position descriptions have been completely revised to reflect the new board structure. The Finance Vice-President and the Secretary will be selected by the new board from the group of elected and appointed Directors-at-Large. With the exception of Ruth Sweetser and Barbara O’Connor all of the current board members, off board standing committee chairs, and RD’s are elibible to become candidates. If you have questions, please let me or Sally Bailey at know.

Beth Norris
South Atlantic Region’s member on the AAUW nominating committe

Reminder: As a result of the restructuring vote at the 2007 Association convention in Phoenix, the AAUW and the Educational Foundation will combine many of their assets and activities to form a streamlined, mission-driven organization with a single set of elected officers. The board for this new organization will take office on July 1, 2009. You can reach Beth, who was elected to a term on the nominating committee at the Phoenix convention, at Find additional contact information for Sally and Beth in the Association leadership directory, (you’ll need to login to the member center to see that list).

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