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Communications Team Report for Fall Meeting 2008

The Communications Team is pleased to welcome Gretchen Purgason as our new Tar Heel News editor. Gretchen brings extensive experience in desktop publishing to our state newsletter. With a solid team of copy and layout folks and “roving reporters” behind her, Gretchen will continue to produce an outstanding newsletter. The fall issue of THN was Gretchen’s debut issue.

The web site is now supplemented with a Facebook page. Find the Facebook logo in the right-hand column of and click that to get to the page. The page is visible to those who haven’t joined Facebook and to search engines like Google, so it may help give us some visibility. If you do decide to check out Facebook, look for the “large” AAUW group (just search for AAUW and find the group with 600+ members). There is also a group focused on the AAUW 2009 Convention.

Two papers explain Facebook to AAUW members. These may be especially helpful to branch web managers and newsletter editors. They may be accessed through these links-

  1. and
  2. .

Respectfully submitted by Connie Gamble Ochse, Communications Team Chair

1 thought on “Communications Team Report for Fall Meeting 2008”

  1. One topic that came up at the fall meeting was the use of the AAUW NC toll free number and how it relates to “all the information is on the web — what are our offline members to do?”

    Members were reminded that one of the goals of the toll free number was to provide access to the information that is referenced with web addresses in AAUW and AAUW NC publications.

    The team of members who “answer the phone” (actually, the voice mail messages are converted to e-mail) can be asked to forward more information in USMail if you see a reference to a web address on an issue of particular concern to you and you do not have web access.

    Please forward this information to the members of your branches who aren’t online.

    Reminder: the phone number is 866/525-2155.

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