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AAUW Note Card Design Contest Voting Begins
To make our 2009 note cards special, AAUW members submitted original artwork to appear on the front of the cards. Now AAUW members will select the designs that will appear on the cards by voting once a week online from Nov. 10 – Dec. 12 for your favorites.

Membership Matters E-Newsletter (Nov. 2008)
This issue of the e-newsletter for AAUW state and branch membership officers (MVP) unveils the AAUW Member Showcase and the updated branch locator, introduces the e-student affiliate program, and announces the new Barnes& member benefit.

AAUW Current Topics Briefing #12
This issue of the member briefing introduces members to AAUW’s blog, AAUW Dialog, and outlines ways members and branches can participate.

AAUW Congratulates President-Elect Barack Obama
Statement from AAUW regarding the President-Elect, New Congress, and 2008 Elections

Candidates for the 2009-2011 AAUW Board
Review the list of candidates for AAUW board president, vice-president, and directors-at-large to be elected during the 2009 National Convention in St. Louis.

Read the latest issue of AAUW Outlook (Fall/Winter 2008)
This issue of the AAUW membership magazine focuses on the use of the Internet and technology by women and seniors, discusses gender politics, and provides tips to ensure a more secure financial future. [All members should have received their copy in US Mail.]

Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award deadline Quickly approaching
Nominations for the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award must be postmarked by November 1, 2008.
The award is given for a broad range of activities including classroom teaching, educational and research contributions, and legal and legislative work in equity for women and girls.

2009 Convention Schedule now Available
The schedule for the 2009 AAUW National Convention is now available. Best Value Registration will open December 1, 2008.

Dates for 2009 NCCWSL Announced
AAUW has announced that the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders will be held June 4-6, 2009 at University of Maryland, College Park.

Download AAUW Voting Guides before the Election
AAUW voter guides provide nonpartisan information about candidate positions on AAUW priority issues. Because issues important to women and families are at stake in elections, it is vital that women go to the polls knowing where the candidates stand on issues such as education, retirement security, a fair and balanced judiciary, and pay equity.

AAUW, CARE Select Winner of Short-Story Contest
AAUW extends its congratulations to Arlene Mandell of Santa Rosa, California, for winning the AAUW-CARE “Education Is Powerful” short-story contest.

Financially For for Life and Focus on the Fellows
AAUW has created two new Programs in a Box to assist AAUW branches and states in (1) developing workshops to help women understand and improve their financial well-being and (2) connecting with current and past AAUW fellows and grantees.

AAUW Celebrates 30th Anniversary of the Passage of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act
AAUW urges the nation to celebrate the gains that women have made under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, which was enacted 30 years ago on October 31. The critical civil rights law requires employers to treat pregnant women the same as other employees with similar abilities or physical limitations.


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