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Spring 2009 Tar Heel News, the AAUW NC newsletter

Spring 2009 Tar Heel News

The front page

New content for the print edition

  • President’s message (p. 2)
  • Report of the nominating committee: K. Atkinson and Van Order for co-vp of program (p. 6-7)
  • Update on pay equity legislation (p. 4) [online supplement]
  • AAUW in the 21st Century – a message from Ruth Sweetser and Barbara O’Connor  (p. 3)
  • AAUW NC participation in membership pilot program (p. 3) [online supplement]
  • Introducing the communications team (p. 7)
  • Fundraising challenge to celebrate AAUW NC (p. 8)
  • Branch news
    • Tar Heel Branch is chartered (p. 7)
    • Twin Rivers authors’ luncheon features 12 authors (p. 7)
    • Charlotte authors’ luncheon features three authors (p. 7)

More convention news

Other news

Key dates
Summer copy deadline: April 15
Target mail date: May 22
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