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New map showing info on the branches

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There’s a new Google-based map showing the locations of the branches with links to the information about how to contact the branch. Please be sure your information is correct and report errors to

(Be sure to view the larger map to see the branches in the far west and east.)

View Larger Map

5 thoughts on “New map showing info on the branches”

  1. Sorry gang. This actually isn’t working very well.

    If it’s working there will be red balloons anchored at the locations of the branches. If it’s not working, all you see is a map — or an error message from Google saying the page doesn’t exist.

    We’ll leave it up for a bit. Let me know if you have comments.

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  3. If you don’t see the red balloons, try “refreshing” the browser. That works (sometimes) in the larger map too — even if you get an error message there that says the spreadsheet doesn’t exist. You may need to refresh 3 or 4 times …

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