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Fall 2009 Tar Heel News

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The Fall 2009 issue of the Tar Heel News will hit branch members’ mailboxes near the end of the month. Here’s the online version.

Highlights from the 2009 AAUW Summer Meeting:

Public Policy Information



  • Directory (page 6)
  • Fall Meeting registration (page 7, more)
  • President’s Message (page 2)
  • WAGE and $tart $mart workshops (page 3, more details)
  • Vacancies in positions of secretary and newsletter designer (page 2)
  • AAUW NC Financial Report for FY08 (page 7, web article)
  • How AAUW NC is using Facebook and twitter (page 8, web article)

Branch News

  • Carolina Authors’ Luncheon, Wilmington, Nov. 7 (page 2, Wilmington newsletters)
  • Chapel Hill branch honors Rachel Carson (page 3)
  • Tar Heel Branch reminds MALs that they are welcome to join the branch and connect to AAUW NC (page 4, info at branch site)


  • AAUW NC Fall Leadership Meeting: October 9-10, Boone
  • AAUW NC 2010 Convention: April 16-17, Charlotte
  • Tar Heel News copy deadline: Nov. 9; target mail date Dec. 7

Errata for the print edition:

  • page 3: Hoffler-Foushee was appointed to the position of AAUW Finance Vice President. She was not among the candidates elected to the board.
  • page 4: In the picture, the person second from right is Betsy Miner, not Denny McGuire
  • page 7: Our Membership VP’s name is spelled Sheila Bassoppo-Moyo
  • page 7: The “Healthy Branch Culture” workshop will be led by Ann Wilkins and Barie Baker.

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