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UNC Chapel Hill event on Title IX/Pay Equity

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On Friday afternoon, November 20, about 40 people attended a showing of “Patsy Mink: Ahead of the Majority” and a panel discussion on Title IX and Pay Equity. The event was sponsored by the Office of the Provost and several other groups, including AAUW NC.

The panelists included

  • Barbara Osborne, J.D., of the Department of Exercise and Sport Science who gave some additional background on Title IX.
  • Jeff Sackaroff, Career Services who brought his experience counseling recent graduates
  • Kevin Hill, Visiting Instructor at the Kenan-Flagler School of Business who contributed his insights on negotiation in general, and salary negotiations in particular.

A lively discussion covered issues in negotiating for salaries — either in entering the workforce or in negotiating raises — and a recurring theme was to be prepared (know as much as you can about the other side’s options) and to approach negotiation as an expected part of the hiring process. Negotiation is a skill that applies in almost all areas of life, and while AAUW, especially through its partnership with the WAGE Project, emphasizes its value in narrowing the gender pay gap, the attendees were urged to look at it in broader terms.

AAUW resources available at the event included:

Other campuses interested in sponsoring similar programs are encouraged to review the information about the $tart $mart workshops delivered through the AAUW partnership with the WAGE project, and NC resources. See also the information on the AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund Campus Outreach Programs that provide funding up to $750 for campus programs that educate college/university students and faculty about sex discrimination in higher education and the wider workplace. [See also information on a 2008 LAF event at NC Central Univ.]

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