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Summary of AAUW NC e-mail lists

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AAUW NC uses several e-mail lists to keep its members and supporters up to date with what’s going on. Here’s a rundown of the major lists with information on how you can subscribe

The members list

  • Who may subscribe: all members of AAUW NC branches and any national members or college/university reps in the state
  • What:  Occasional time sensitive announcements of interest to a wide range of members
  • Discussion: allowed – all subscribers may post
  • How to subscribe: See the subscription form and be sure to let us know your connection to AAUW NC

The presidents list

  • Who may subscribe: presidents of AAUW NC branches, past branch presidents and others who are involved in branch leadership, along with the state leaders who are supporting them.
  • What: periodic messages from AAUW NC leaders and other messages of interest to members across the state. Some of these are posted in the messages to the branches section of this site.
  • Discussion: allowed – all subscribers may post
  • How to subscribe: All presidents reported to AAUW NC are automatically subscribed. See the subscription form to subscribe a new address or make other changes.

The Campus Notes list

  • Who may subscribe: anyone
  • What: a new (monthly?) newsletter highlighting opportunities for AAUW members on campuses across the state. Sample issue.
  • Discussion: No. This is an e-newsletter. Write if you have comments.
  • How to subscribe:  Just go to the subscription form and add at least your e-mail address.

Facebook wall posts

  • Who may subscribe: anyone
  • What: The AAUW NC Page on Facebook where the page administrators post quick announcements apt to be of interest to members
  • Discussion: Yes, but you must use Facebook to comment on the posts
  • How to subscribe:
    • Join Facebook and “like” the AAUW NC page and you’ll get notes from AAUW NC on your Facebook home page
    • Subscribe via e-mail to get a periodic summary of these posts.

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