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Summary of the 2011 Legislative Session

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The North Carolina Legislative Session is not over and there are important issues still to be considered — including redistricting. However, we can update you on many of the issues we discussed at the High Point meeting in April.

Please see 2011-2012 AAUW NC Public Policy Priorities for the current status.

Important: One  issue, HB 854 “A Woman’s Right to Know” is scheduled for a veto override vote on Monday, July 25. Please let your legislators know your stand on this issue.  For talking points and updates on Reproductive Rights legislation, see NARAL Prochoice NC and Planned Parenthood.

1 thought on “Summary of the 2011 Legislative Session”

  1. Yep, HB854 is going to become law — both the House and the Senate voted by 60% to override the governor’s veto.

    The legislature is now adjourned until September when it will reconvene to consider constitutional amendments, including Defense of Marriage.

    Stay tuned.

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