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Update from the fall webinar

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Members at AAUW 2015 Convention. Including AAUW NC member Sandy Bernard.

AAUW NC sponsored webinars earlier in the month with the goals of

  • Introducing sections of the national and state websites that members may have missed
  • Highlighting web resources that can be used to prepare mission-based branch programs
  • Encouraging more branches to make sure all their members are signed up for the AAUW Two-Minute Activist

We did not record the sessions, but we have developed a transcript that you can use to take the tour on your own:

If you have questions contact one of the presenters, or post a comment below.

We’re particularly interested in what other topics you’d like covered in this format, what ones you think would be better if we did do a video rather than a transcript, and how you might use the material.

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