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Final year of fundraising to honor Ann Chipley

At its summer meeting in 2005, the AAUW of North Carolina board passed a motion to “strongly encourage all branches to designate some of their EF [Educational Foundation] contributions to the Ann Chipley Fellowship (#4051)”.

Since then, we have reported almost annually on the fellowships and grants of interest to North Carolina and, especially since 2012 when it became the only open endowment of special interest to North Carolina, the gradual increase in the Chipley endowment. It has grown from $50,424 as of 9/30/07 to  $90,902.66 as of 12/31/2015. Some of that growth came from a special campaign in 2015 to honor Mary Peterson with donations to the Chipley endowment. It raised $1755.

But we are nearing the deadline. If the endowment does not reach $100,000 by 6/30/2017, the funds will be used for fellowships (as expected), but those fellowships will not bear Ann Chipley’s name. While Chipley had a national reputation in AAUW and it was the national board that initially set up the endowment, we in AAUW NC feel a special responsibility to complete the fund and ensure that her name is known to scholars into the future.

At the 2016 AAUW NC meeting, a resolution will be introduced to again encourage branches and individuals to donate to the endowment and recommend that AAUW NC resources be used to ensure its completion to have Ann Chipley’s name added to the nearly 900 others honored through the AAUW fellowships and grants program.

This resolution may, of course, be amended at the meeting. Any updated version will be posted here.

In the meantime, individuals who would like to honor Ann Chipley are encouraged to use this link:

All such donations will go to funding American Fellowships and Selected Professions Fellowships. Contributions are tax deductible as charitable contributions.


10 thoughts on “Final year of fundraising to honor Ann Chipley”

    1. I wish there was a way we could post this information with a link to Facebook…There are so many people, especially here in North Carolina, who remember Ann Chipley. This endowment is the least we can do to keep her memory alive…I will make my own pledge toward that end

  1. Woot! We’ve reached the $100,000 target!

    Dec 15 status: $100,140.71

    Thanks to all who have honored Ann by providing funds for ongoing support of AAUW American and Selected Professions Fellowships.

    1. Ann Chipley was a very special person and I enjoyed knowing and working with her at AAUW. She was extremely supportive in my work and a very loving person. She supported all staff members and made us feel special. She was a very special person and always beloved.

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