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AAUW Washington Update Sept. 1

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From: AAUW Public Policy & Government Relations Dept.
To: AAUW Public Policy Leaders
Date: Friday, Sept. 1, 2006

  • President Bush Announces Intention to Re-nominate Expired Judicial Nominations
  • National Support for School Vouchers Decreases
  • Speak Up in the 2006 Ask a Working Woman Survey
  • A Fitting Tribute
  • Give Us Your Feedback
  • AAUW Voter Guide Template Online
  • Voter Education Materials Available
  • AAUW Governance — Your Chance to Participate

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Update on Federal Public Policy Issues

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Source: AAUW Public Policy & Government Relations Dept.


LAF Plaintiff on CNN
Minimum Wage Increase Fails Despite Majority Support in Senate
Child Custody Protection Act Rears its Ugly Little Head Again
Supreme Court Does the Right Thing for Workers
Court Ruling Strengthens Domestic Violence Prosecutions
States Get Stuck with Medicare Prescription Drug Bill
Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Federal Abortion Ban Case
Schedule Appointments with your Members of Congress During Recess
Americans Support Access to Information About Birth Control
Equal Pay Self-Audit
Increasing Dropout Rates?
Department of Education Announces Grants to Invest in Science and Math Education

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