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2014 Annual Meeting for AAUW NC

What happened?

For information on presentations and discussions at the annual meeting, be sure to check the “News” section below, or start with this post:


Join us Friday afternoon and Saturday, March 28-29,  for the 2014 AAUW NC annual meeting in Burlington. The weekend will center on the theme:

A-B-C in AAUW NC: Activism in Branches and Coalitions.
How to make women’s voices heard in efforts to empower women and girls in North Carolina

More details are posted below, but see, in particular


More news

  • Minutes from 2014 annual meeting (8/12/14)
    The minutes from the March 29, 2014 annual meeting in Burlington.
  • Spring/Summer 2014 Tar Heel News (7/1/14)
    Here’s the Spring/Summer issue of the AAUW NC newsletter, the Tar Heel News: Tar Heel News, June 2014 Note that where this says that members should have received an e-newsletter mailing before receiving this edition of the USMail newsletter, circumstances intervened and that first mailing via Salsa has not gone out as of July 1,… Read More »Spring/Summer 2014 Tar Heel News
  • Women in Office — Why so Few? (4/11/14)
    Summary of the issues surrounding women's low representation in elected office, and what we can do about it.
  • VGCC: An Educated Woman, An Educated Future (4/11/14)
    On March 29 AAUW NC welcomed Jacquelin Heath of Vance-Granville Community College to speak about the AAUW funded project to encourage VGCC women students to complete bachelor's degrees.
  • Update on NGCP in North Carolina (4/9/14)
    Many of the branches support STEM (Science, Technology, Education, and Math) activities to encourage girls to get and stay interested in these fields. This is seen as a way to fight the gender pay gap (since many of these fields have higher average pay than most occupations) as well as simple fairness in the classroom… Read More »Update on NGCP in North Carolina
  • AAUW NC Resolution to support NC Teachers (4/8/14)
    Specific bills, including the budget, have harmed public education in the state. AAUW members speak out.
  • New version of the bylaws (4/4/14)
    Mandatory bylaws changes have been inserted into the AAUW NC bylaws and a new version has been released.
  • Followup from the Annual Meeting (4/3/14)
    The start of the "virtual packet" of information that attendees collected at the meeting. This will be updated as we release the final copy of the 2013 NCGA Voting Record and AAUW posts additional resources on their website.
  • Tips on updating branch bylaws (3/29/14)
    Here are the tips on updating your branch bylaws for the mandatory 2013 changes — the handout at the March 29 meeting: Mandatory Changes to Branch Bylaws Do NOT need a vote of your branch Do NOT need for sections and article numbering to match Do NOT need to send to AAUW Governance Committee Do… Read More »Tips on updating branch bylaws
  • Time to get bylaws updated (3/22/14)
    Notes on the mandatory bylaws changes that are required by May 15, 2014.
  • College/University Connections (3/20/14)
    Information on AAUW's College/University partnership program and the list of current partners in North Carolina.
  • 2013 Fundraising Totals (3/18/14)
    Summary of giving to AAUW Funds for 2013 -- how much each branch contributed to each of the AAUW priority areas.
  • Interim financial report: 2/28/2014 (3/18/14)
    Here is the interim financial report for February 28. Note that dues are collected year-round, but many branches will be sending 2014-2015 dues to the state before the end of our fiscal year on June 30, so this does not include our income for the year — or the expenses of our annual meeting. AAUW… Read More »Interim financial report: 2/28/2014
  • February 1, 2014 Membership Count (3/7/14)
    The official "membership count" for AAUW branches occurs on February 1. Here is the history of NC branches since 2011.
  • National members in NC Counties (3/5/14)
    While most of the AAUW members in North Carolina are members of branches, there are almost 600 who have joined the national organization without affiliating with a branch. Find out how many are in each county.
  • Candidates for treasurer and vice president (3/5/14)
    JoAnn Taylor Hall (Jacksonville Regional) and Peg Holmes (Hendersonville) have been nominated for two-year terms as AAUW NC treasurer and vice-president, respectively.. The election will be held at the annual meeting on March 29 in Burlington.
  • Presidents’ packet for the Annual Meeting. (2/12/14)
    Information that's being sent to all the branch presidents about the March 28-29 AAUW NC meeting in Burlington.
  • Registration is open for the 2014 Annual Meeting (2/12/14)
    Please let us us know if you're planning to attend any part of the AAUW NC annual meeting. Forms to return via USMail or to sign up online are now available.
  • 2013 Juvenile Literature Award to Kelly Starling Lyons (2/12/14)
    Kelly Starling Lyons' book Tea Cakes for Tosh was honored as the winner of the 2013 AAUW Juvenile Literature Award and will be part of our 2014 annual meeting.
  • Hotel information for 2014 annual meeting (2/2/14)
    Address, map, directions and more about the Country Suites in Burlington. Reservation deadline for the AAUW NC rate is March 7.
  • AAUW Campus Action Project supports VGCC students (1/30/14)
    In the spring of 2014, Jacquelin Heath, Vance Granville Community College Program Head/Instructor of School-Age Education, will coordinate a Campus Action Project funded by AAUW that will assist students to focus on goals for finishing a four year degree, self-care, and follow-through to completing a college degree. Michelle Evans, co-president of the Tar Heel Branch is the AAUW NC contact.
  • President’s January e-Newsletter (1/18/14)
    Annual meeting and Report Card Volunteers
  • Winter 2014 Tar Heel News (1/15/14)
    Winter 2014 Tar Heel News has information on the upcoming annual meeting and more.
  • News from the 2013 annual meeting (5/6/13)
    The upcoming Tar Heel News will have more information on the April annual meeting of AAUW NC, but here are some of the documents from that meeting.